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payment options

Payment for our services is of course part of the dentist-patient relationship. However, at Espresso Dental we don't think it’s a one-way street. Along with providing you the best possible dental care, we want you to understand and be satisfied with what you are paying.

So first, please ask questions. We know that insurance codes, forms and statements can be confusing. Gosh, sometimes we have trouble sorting them out. If for example you don't fully understand what your insurance will or has paid and how much is your responsibility, then just let us know. We'll do our best to help you understand what's what. The same goes for any other billing or payment matter; if it's not clear, let us know, and we'll shine our dental light on it for an examination.

Espresso Dental is a preferred provider for many major dental insurance plans. For a complete list of the companies we work with, see our Preferred Provider Organizations page. For all routine care and procedures, we are happy to handle the paperwork with your dental insurance carrier. For charges not covered by your insurance, we accept most major credit cards and of course personal checks.

For those larger investments in your smile and oral health (or those unexpected emergency situations), feel free to speak with Dr. Connie or Masidroh in the front office about what costs to expect and what the payment options may be. One attractive alternative that we offer are no interest finance plans through ChaseHealthAdvance. We have information in the office, or visit