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Great news for denture wearers

Our mission is to help you get the best looking and best fitting dentures available. Your denture can be comfortable and provide support to your face to give you a more natural, youthful appearance.

At Espresso Dental you can take advantage of the new Mini Dental Implant system to stabilize your denture. The most effective use of this unique implant is to stabilize your lower denture.

Just imagine, in less than two hours you can have the Mini-Implant System placed, then go out and eat comfortably, have a pleasant conversation, while your denture feels secure and is being held firmly in place… all of this at an extremely affordable price.

Mini Implants are ultra-small diameter (1.8 mm width) bio-compatible titanium alloy implant screws that act like the root of your tooth and a retaining fixture that is placed into the base of your existing denture. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball, and the fixture inside your denture acts like a socket that contains a rubber O-ring. The O-ring snaps over the ball when the denture is seated and holds the denture at a predetermined level of force. When seated, the denture gently rests on the gum tissue.

Placement of mini implants is a one-step, minimally invasive procedure that can be done in less than two hours with local anesthesia.

Dr. Connie is trained in the use of the MDI System of mini implants from IMTEC Corporation, a 3M company. You'll find her doctor's listing, as well as other useful information, on the IMTEC website at