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unwind like a couch potato

No matter how much we enjoy dentistry, we know that patients may sometimes find their visits uncomfortable, tedious, or just plain boring. We can't promise otherwise, but we have installed overhead entertainment centers to at least help pass the time. Named the TLC, but dubbed the Dental Couch Potato by its inventor, here's how the manufacturer describes it:

The Technology and Lighting Center (TLC) is the only overhead multimedia display that allows patients to comfortably watch TV, intraoral camera or computer images, videos, or movies. Plus the integrated fiber optic dental light shines in the patient's mouth - not in the eyes, providing an unobstructed, glare-free, heat-free experience.

Dental offices are full of equipment, most of it of interest to the dentist only. The TLC is one equipment investment that we hope patients will enjoy, and that will make your visits pass just a bit more comfortably and quickly.