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Lie back & relax ... dental chairs

While dental chairs might not be something you would think a lot about, they're more important to your oral care than you might realize. Who hasn't had a good movie ruined by an excruciatingly uncomfortable theatre chair? Or who, when seated in a hard, undersized classroom chair, hasn't squirmed like the restless school children the furniture was designed for?

These sorts of experiences are the last thing you need when trying to relax for a dental procedure. That's why, when the time came to replace our dental chairs, we looked long and hard for ones that would be as comfortable and relaxing as your favorite easy chair.

We invested in chairs with anatomically-formed backrests and seat cushions that make you feel comfy by reducing pressure points while providing really good support. In fact these chairs were rated "the most comfortable" in a leading consumer magazine. And you'll have to take our word on this, but these chairs are designed to give Dr. Connie the best possible position and access for her work. That means she'll be able to give you the quality care you expect, and you'll be on your way quickly, feeling as though you just spent an hour in that inviting easy chair.