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our approach to comfort

Most of us have heard things compared with “a trip to the dentist,” usually as a way to describe something that is simply no fun. Or we’ve heard jokes about the unpleasant experience of a visit with the dentist. The truth is that these anecdotes are really passé, a hold-over from times past.

Modern technology makes most dental procedures pain-free. Still, while we at Espresso Dental enjoy every procedure that we perform, we know that you may not see your dental care as a “picnic in the park.” So we take three approaches to ensure your comfort and ease-of-mind.

First, we believe that thorough communication is a key to making you feel comfortable. We do our best to explain dental procedures well and to answer your questions. We want you to feel free to ask questions and express your concerns so that you both understand and agree with the dental care we provide. Please! Don’t be afraid to speak up; we want and need to know what you are thinking.

Second, we really try to make our office relaxing and cozy. While sterile dental instruments are important (and don't worry, ours are pristine), a sterile-looking, stodgy office is not what you’ll find at Espresso Dental. We offer some fun amenities to help make your visit pleasant and relaxing:

Third, we know that all the warm-and-fuzzy stuff won't necessarily make you completely comfortable. Sometimes you just need some "dental comfort" stuff. Along those lines we provide:

Please stop in our office and sit by the fire. We think you’ll find that Espresso Dental really is a comfortable place to spend a little time.