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our trademark amenity ... espresso

There's a bit more in our name than just our trademark amenity. Sure, our staff doubles as baristas, and serves up your favorite espresso beverage while you're waiting or "to-go" when your visit is over. We hope this signature feature of our office will make things seem a little less clinical. It's also one of the ways we like to say "Thanks!" for choosing us for your dental care. You'll find our little espresso bar right in the reception area, so don't be bashful . place your order and enjoy.

Not quite so obvious are the connotations in our distinctive name that reflect a few other qualities of Dr. Connie's practice. The useful online resource Wikipedia helps to explain what we mean with its explanation of the derivation of one half of our moniker:

"The origin of the term 'espresso' is the subject of considerable debate. Although some Anglo-American dictionaries simply refer to "pressed-out" (rooted in the Latin origin of the word), "espresso," much like the English word "express," conveys the sense of "just for you" and "quickly," both of which can be related to the method of espresso preparation."

So the next time you see "Espresso Dental," we hope that you'll be reminded that we always strive to provide the dental care that is right just for you and is exactly what you want; and that we'll do so while respecting your time, so that you spend as little of your life in a dental chair as possible.