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Teeth Whitening

Has it been too long since your last visit to a dentist?

It happens all too easily. Busy lives, changing circumstances, challenging times, or for some maybe that little fear of dentistry can be enough to push making a dental appointment down the list of priorities.

We’ll skip the lecture on how missing your regular cleanings and exams can affect your health down the road. Instead we’ll just offer a little extra incentive to get you back on track with your oral health care. Here's our offer ...

Visit us before December 31 for a regular exam, x-rays and cleaning, and you will receive free, custom take-home teeth whitening treatments! Then keep your account in good standing and visit us regularly for at least twice-yearly hygiene appointments, and you will continue to receive whitening treatments whenever needed, absolutely free!

That’s all it takes. Get back on schedule with your preventive care, and you’ll smile brightly knowing that you are avoiding future expense, discomfort and health complications. Call us now at (206) 284-2483, e-mail , or click the calendar icon in the left sidebar to request your appointment and free teeth whitening while we still have dates available.

Note: If you are a current Espresso Dental patient, and you satisfy the requirements above, you are eligible for this offer also. Just mention it when you come in for your next scheduled appointment.

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