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Our Approach to Comfort

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Most of us have heard things compared with “a trip to the dentist,” usually as a way to describe something that is simply no fun. Or we’ve heard jokes about the unpleasant experience of a visit with the dentist. The truth is that these anecdotes are really passé, a hold-over from times past.

Modern technology makes most dental procedures pain-free. Still, while we at Espresso Dental enjoy every procedure that we perform, we know that you may not see your dental care as a “picnic in the park.” So we take three approaches to ensure your comfort and ease-of-mind.

First, we believe that thorough communication is a key to making you feel comfortable. We do our best to explain dental procedures well and to answer your questions. We want you to feel free to ask questions and express your concerns so that you both understand and agree with the dental care we provide. Please! Don’t be afraid to speak up; we want and need to know what you are thinking.

Second, we really try to make our office relaxing and cozy. While sterile dental instruments are important (and don't worry, ours are pristine), a sterile-looking, stodgy office is not what you’ll find at Espresso Dental. We offer some fun amenities to help make your visit pleasant and relaxing:
•  Complimentary espresso drinks for our patients
•  Otis Spunkmeyer cookies freshly baked in our office each day
•  Overhead TV, music, or DVD options

Third, we know that all the warm-and-fuzzy stuff won't necessarily make you completely comfortable. Sometimes you just need some "dental comfort" stuff. Along those lines we provide:
•  Oral Anti-Anxiety Medications
•  Nitrous Oxide
•  Dental chairs rated "the most comfortable" in consumer reports magazine

Please stop in our office and sit by the fire. We think you’ll find that Espresso Dental really is a comfortable place to spend a little time.

Our Trademark Amenity...Espresso

There's a bit more in our name than just our trademark amenity. Sure, our staff doubles as baristas, and serves up your favorite espresso beverage while you're waiting or "to-go" when your visit is over. We hope this signature feature of our office will make things seem a little less clinical. It's also one of the ways we like to say "Thanks!" for choosing us for your dental care. You'll find our little espresso bar right in the reception area, so don't be bashful . place your order and enjoy.

Not quite so obvious are the connotations in our distinctive name that reflect a few other qualities of Dr. Connie's practice. The useful online resource Wikipedia helps to explain what we mean with its explanation of the derivation of one half of our moniker:

"The origin of the term 'espresso' is the subject of considerable debate. Although some Anglo-American dictionaries simply refer to "pressed-out" (rooted in the Latin origin of the word), "espresso," much like the English word "express," conveys the sense of "just for you" and "quickly," both of which can be related to the method of espresso preparation."

So the next time you see "Espresso Dental," we hope that you'll be reminded that we always strive to provide the dental care that is right just for you and is exactly what you want; and that we'll do so while respecting your time, so that you spend as little of your life in a dental chair as possible.

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

Okay, so this may not be the most important dental information on our website. But hey, at Espresso Dental we like to make you feel at-home. And what better way to do that than to serve just-out-of-the-oven, warm cookies along with your complimentary espresso drink.

Depending on the day, you might find fresh Supreme Indulgence, Sweet Discovery, or Traditional cookies waiting on the small table in our reception area. It's just another small way for us to say thank you, and to remind everyone that a dental visit can be fun.

Unwind Like a Couch Potato

No matter how much we enjoy dentistry, we know that patients may sometimes find their visits uncomfortable, tedious, or just plain boring. We can't promise otherwise, but we have installed overhead entertainment centers to at least help pass the time. Named the TLC, but dubbed the Dental Couch Potato by its inventor, here's how the manufacturer describes it:

"The Technology and Lighting Center (TLC) is the only overhead multimedia display that allows patients to comfortably watch TV, intraoral camera or computer images, videos, or movies. Plus the integrated fiber optic dental light shines in the patient's mouth - not in the eyes, providing an unobstructed, glare-free, heat-free experience."

Dental offices are full of equipment, most of it of interest to the dentist only. The TLC is one equipment investment that we hope patients will enjoy, and that will make your visits pass just a bit more comfortably and quickly.

Lie Back and Our Dental Chairs

While dental chairs might not be something you would think a lot about, they're more important to your oral care than you might realize. Who hasn't had a good movie ruined by an excruciatingly uncomfortable theatre chair? Or who, when seated in a hard, undersized classroom chair, hasn't squirmed like the restless school children the furniture was designed for?

These sorts of experiences are the last thing you need when trying to relax for a dental procedure. That's why, when the time came to replace our dental chairs, we looked long and hard for ones that would be as comfortable and relaxing as your favorite easy chair.

We invested in chairs with anatomically-formed backrests and seat cushions that make you feel comfy by reducing pressure points while providing really good support. In fact these chairs were rated "the most comfortable" in a leading consumer magazine. And you'll have to take our word on this, but these chairs are designed to give Dr. Connie the best possible position and access for her work. That means she'll be able to give you the quality care you expect, and you'll be on your way quickly, feeling as though you just spent an hour in that inviting easy chair.

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